.Rockett Roulette. (sickfuck_diablo) wrote in better_on_vinyl,
.Rockett Roulette.

i love 45s

new stuff mailordered
unnatural helpers Earwax EP
Regulators "Rare Tracks" and "The Singles" LPs
Los Llamarada 'the very next moment' 7"
Z-Gun #1
Beat Beat "Taco Show" 7"
Fashion! Fashion! And the Image Boys "Pussy Stretcher" 7"
Electric Bunnies "chewing gum" 7"
daily void 'man/machine' 7"
Reigning Sound 'Too Much Guitar' LP
Carbonas Blackout Reissue 7"

stuff I got on tour
birthday suits/peelander z split 7"
giant tigers 10" (pink vinyl!... this band fucking rules.)
manikin "m theory 7"
hex dispensers "lose my cool" 7"
cheap time 'handy man' 7"

stuff I lost on tour
new demons claws 7"
Crusaders of Love 7"
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