Some New Records

DILLINGER FOUR "C I V I L W A R" LP (clear wax)
Skankin' Pickle "Sing Along With..." )green wax)
Shang-A-Lang : Summertime EP (1st press on black)
King Louie And His Loose Diamonds : Memphis Treet LP (clear)

Does Anybody In This Community Still Buy Records???
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Some Records For Sale:

Records For Sale: Here's some distro stuff I have for sale:
All Records are post paid in the U.S.A as long as order is $10 or more.
Paypal accepted/Get in touch before paying
International Buyers get in touch for shipping rates.

Abuso Sonoro "Revolte-se" (Sin Fronteras) $4
Abuso Sonoro/Autoritar "Split" (Yellow Dog) $4
Abuso Sonoro "Prisoes" (Panx) $5
Acid Reflux "EP" (No Way) $4
After The Bombs "Bloody Aftermath/Black Horse" (Distort Reality) $4
Akutare "Riot City" (Schizophrenic Records) $5
Asia Tics "Punk Fu Masters" (Rumble Records) $5
Autopsia "Poder Represion y Corrupcion" (Coche Bomba) $5
BSA "S/T" (Distort Reality) $4
Cola Freaks "S/T" (Hjernespind) $5
Crossed Eyes "Rattled" (SorryState) $4
Dangerloves "Lipsmart b/w So this is love" (Fashionable Idiots) $4
Daylight Robbery "S/t" (Residue) $4
Direct control "Nuclear tomorrow" (Sorry State) $4
Diskoiraa "Play and record" (Humilidad y Honestidad) 7" $5
Fallas Del Sistema "La guerra es el negocio..." (Despotic) $4
Gorilla Angreb/Lokum "Split" (Hjernespind) $5
Homostupids "Cat Music" (Fashionable Idiots) $4
Insomnio "Walking on the string" (No Way) $4
Instangd "Konkret Och Brutal" (Adult Crash) $5
Koro "EP" (Sorry State) $4
Los Crudos/Huasipungo "Split" (Lengua Armada) $8
Los Monjo "Cerdos" (Todo Destruido) $4
Los Monjo "Cobardes" (No Option) $4
No Hope For The Kids "Angels/Das Reich" 7" (Hjernespind)
Outraged "no Somos Igual" (Lengua Armada) $4
Out With A Bang "Love my life" (Fashionable Idiots) $4
Pedestrians "Killing Season" (Residue) $4
Pisschrist/Apparatus "Split" (Yellow Dog) $5
P.M.R.C "Polyphonics..." (Motorchest Rex) $4
Rabies "Disease core" (Sorry State) $4
Resolve/Consume "Split" (Distort Reality) $4
Ripping Headache "S/t" (Adult Crash) $5
Scumbrigade/Tolshock "Split" (Yellow Dog) $4
Sin Orden/Condenada "Split" (ASF) $5
Sotatila "EEPP" 7" (Plague-Bearer) $5
StraightJacket Nation "6 Song ep) (Gash records) $5
The End "Teenage Detox" (Super Secret) $4
The Sprouts "Pins and Glasses" 7" (Sound pollution) $4
The Vicious "Igen" (Hjernespind) $5
Warkrime "Tighten Up" (No Way) $4
Die Human Race Comp Flexi 7" w/Fleas and Lice, State of Fear, Asrash, etc...$4

Bastard Sons of Apocalypse "Strangled By The sytem" (Td/Ar) $10
Bombs Away "10 song ep" (Self-Released) $10
Chronic Seizure "Ancient Wound" (No Way) $10
DON DON "Last Warning" (Schizophrenic) $11
Hatred Surge/The Endless Blokade "Split" (Scizophrenic) $11
L.S.D "Discography" (Schizophrenic) $11
Meanwhile "Road To Hell" (feral ward) $10
Meanwhile "Reality or nothing" (feral ward) $10
Meanwhile "Remaining right: Silence" (feral ward) $10
Pedestrians "Ideal Divide" (Wrench In Th Gears)$10
Repercussions "11 Songs EP" (540 Records)$10
Sleeper Cell "S/t" (Partners In Crime) $10
Solid Decline/Ruidosa Inmundicia "Split" (Residue Records) $10
Slowmotions "Dial Eleven" (Partners In Crime) $10
The Freeze "Live From Cape Cod 1980" (Schizophrenic $10
Warfear "Dead, Unburied, Forgotten" (Crust War) $10
Warkrime "Get Loose" (No Way) $10
Young Wasteners "We Got Ways" (Hjernespind) $15

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Reckless Records In Chicago

Mind.Controls : Mind.Controls LP (black)
Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra LP (reissue)
The Touch-Me-Nots : Hey, Television '7 (black)
Gaye Blades : I'd Brave Anything For You '7
The Angry Samoans : Generation Next 7 (XXX reissue)
The Kodiaks : Watch My Soul '7
The Repercussions : No Peace EP
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Shopping Spree

Cute Lepers - Can't Stand Modern Music
Shoes - Present Tense
Boss Martians - Move
Turbonegro - Never is Forever
Sons of Hercules - Hits for the Misses
Immortal Lee County Killers - Essential Fucked Up Blues
Mooney Suzuki - People Get Ready
Critical Mass - It's What's Inside That Counts
Ugly Beats - Bring on The Beats!
Ugly Beats - Take a Stand
Woggles - Zontar Sessions
Stooges - S/T
Turbonegro - Hots Cars and Spent Contraceptives

Teenage Bottlerocket - A Bomb
Teenage Bottlerocket - Radio/Bloodbath at Burger King Split
Gentleman Jesse + Joseph Plunket
Woggles - Carnivore
Sonics - Cinderella/ He's Waitin
Eyeliners - Do the Zombie
Teengenerate - Out of Sight / Pushin Me Around
Elvis Costello - Mystery Dance/ Red Shoes
Thee Headcoats - My Dear Watson
Thee Headcoats - Thief/Automatic Love
Thee Heatcoats - Time Will Tell / Davy Crockett
Billy Childish - Ballads of Hollis Brown
The Mighty Caesars - Cowboys are Square
Cynics- Turn Me Loose